A Note To Our Jybers. And See Ya, 2020.

Picture of a toddler wearing a Jybe shirt


Thank you doesn’t fully cover it, but it’s how we truly feel. Thankful.

We were crazy enough to launch a new business in the midst of 2020’s uncertainty, and you were valiant enough to double down on your sustainability efforts in a year filled with a thousand distractions.

I’ve said it before and think it’s worth repeating, the actions we take as individuals can impact everyone in our community and our country. Whether small or large, everything we do ripples out. And that’s why we are so grateful for your support in getting JYBE up and running in seven cities already.

Covid triggered an onslaught of single-use plastic so now there’s even more ground we have to make up. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves again in 2021 to make this coming year as bad for the single-use plastic business as 2020 was for our environment. And we’re grateful for your help in doing it.

I wish there was a way I could thank each of you directly or in person – though that might be weird. There’s a lot of love, sweat and tears rolled up into JYBE so we appreciate you making use of it. 

Everyone at JYBE is making a resolution to change something in their personal life to make 2021 more of a healing year. It makes us feel better to lean in to the challenge we face with a bit of a plan, and we’d love to hear if you’re making any similar resolutions for the year as well. Let us know @gojybe what you’re planning to do. 

We’re all wishing you a safe holiday season, and a much better new year.


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