The Top 5 Wasteful Items In To-Go Orders

Plastic utensils. Many years ago, when I got my own place, I invested in some forks and stuff. To this day, I still eat with them. The plastic trio you keep sending me are not helpful. In fact, they suck.

Disposable sauce cups with the same condiments I ignore in my own refrigerator. It’s different for everyone since we all like…you know…different flavors. But if you’re sending unsolicited mayo or relish, you have to know there’s huge odds it’s going directly to the bin. If it matters to your dish, put it on. Sending it on the side just tells us your recipe may not be final ‒ and the pointless sauce cups are a bummer. 

Paper napkins wrapped in plastic.  It’s an age-old struggle for power. I get it. Napkins attract and plastic repels. You like to put them together to see who wins. All of the napkins in our homes are unwrapped and work just fine. Why not just drop yours in the bag without a wrapper and save everyone several steps?

Plastic domes. Seeing is believing, for sure. But since I’m the one who ordered the exact food items in the bag, I already know what’s in there. No need to waste plastic to show me what’s under a lid I can remove in 5 seconds. It spent 30 minutes on top of my Caesar salad, and it’ll spend another 500 years decomposing in nature. 

Single-use plastic straws. We live in a glorious era of paper straw technology. I don’t know where these plastic straws keep coming from since they’re illegal in so many places. The fastest way to get liquids into your body is to tilt a cup or glass into your mouth. Not fancy enough, you say? A modern paper straw can withstand the pressure and have swirly colors. And they don’t suck.

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