5 Companies Making Earth-friendly Goods to Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Our list of great companies working to use less plastic:

1. RAIN Water Company

Simply RAIN Water Company makes fully aluminum water bottles that can be recycled endlessly. They do so without an inner plastic lining you sometimes see in similar products that make them much less likely to be recycled. Better yet? Aluminum is recycled at a rate nearly 2x times its evil competitor, plastic. With Reign, you don’t have to worry about drinking microplastics or further clogging the landfills.

2. Poly-King

Though their name might not attract the eco-sensitive, Poly-King is making the only fully biodegradable hot cup lid we know to not only work, but also biodegrade. We know because our very own co-founders, Paul & Steve, soaked one in water for 60 days on their kitchen counter to confirm its ability to break down.

3. Sun and Water

Sun And Water has created a PVC-free pool float that is meant to last for many summers of fun, unlike the toxic and harmful-to-the-environment versions you buy at the drugstore that are unlikely to survive a single season. With more than 10 million pools in the U.S. alone, Sun And Water’s mission to cut back on the amount of discarded pool toys that end up in our landfills every year could translate to millions of pounds of averted plastic waste.  Follow them on Instagram here.

4. Ecovative Design

Ecovative Design collaborates with companies across the world to make alternatives to meat, plastic, and packaging out of mycelium (mushroom roots). We at JYBE can’t wait to get our hands on some single-use take-out samples when they are announced. Stay in the loop via their Instagram.

5. Foodstiks

Foodstiks makes single-use utensils out of wood which is a fully renewable resource. No matter where they end up, they will degrade in under 90 days and turn into nutrient-rich compost. Like them on Instagram here.

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