Jybe team portrait

Who is JYBE? And why JYBE?

Hello! We are new here. 

Who are we? 

JYBE is a collaboration of four friends who care deeply about protecting the environment by cutting the use of harmful, single-use plastic items used in abundance in restaurant delivery, meal kits and carryout services.

What do we believe? 

We believe that information leads to better choices, so our goal is to offer full transparency to our users about the types of packaging they should expect to see when ordering to-go food from restaurants. That way, they can make informed decisions about who they want preparing their meals. 

Why now?

In a world where food delivery apps are seeing rapid growth — due in part due to changing social preferences and the sudden drop-off of in-house dining — the problem of single-use plastic being pitched into the landfills is more urgent than ever.

What the heck does JYBE mean, and what’s with all the turtles?

Jibe is a sailing term that means to change course when your current direction is no longer safe, which is exactly what we are trying to do. Sea turtles have become emblematic of the danger faced by marine life due to plastic pollution. According to WWF, at least 1,000 sea turtles die each year due to getting stuck in or eating plastic. About 52% of sea turtles have eaten plastic, and many of us have seen photos or videos of fish and marine mammals encased in plastic waste or starving because stomachs full of plastic prevent them from eating. JYBE is trying to change directions not only for a healthier Earth, but for all her inhabitants – including us! 

What’s next?Our beta version app is launching in just a couple of weeks. If you are interested in being a beta tester, please reach out to alison@gojybe.com to be added to the list. JYBE will rely on user reviews that will not only inform other users, but also give our team the leverage we need to get restaurants to make Earth-friendly swaps.

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